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Das Jo!


Jo Conrad, born 1958 has written four books which are dealing with knowledge that he claims is withheld from the masses. He is an expert on conspiracy theories and his topics range from religious believe systems to spiritual healing and extraterrestrial life. He was confronted with a whole new way to look at the world 8 years ago and started his interest in all the things that the massmedia do not touch usually.

He writes about the God of the bible and how he started questioning dogmatic believe systems, but also thinking about a world without a God. He writes about the order of the universe and the sense our lifes make. He says that we can change our lifes dramatically when we get to know cosmic laws who everyone can experience in his or her own life. Even diseases make sense if we look for the cause and can change it. He writes about visitors from outer space and those groups who have an interest in keeping certain knowledge from us.

Conrad never gets dogmatic himself but wants to make people think about things they stopped thinking about because they were too confusing. He has a refreshing, humorous and open way of talking about the most complex topics of our world. Come and enjoy this mindboggling lecture, talk to the author and maybe change your entire life.

There are a few things in this world you should know about, which you are not told about at school or in the mass media. Maybe it is "coincidence", that you find this page, but actually there is nothing like coincidence.

contact: Joconrad1@aol.com

  CD mit Coverversionen von Filmmusiken "Best of Arnold Schwarzenegger".

  Musik für 3 Folgen TV-Polizeiserie "Großstadtrevier" NDR

  CD "Federation Con 2" mit Musik für eine Star Trek Convention.

  Musik für Theater Stück "Robin Hood" Freilichtbühne Lilienthal
  Musik für TV-Werbespots für Progress Staubsauger und V-Tech Lerncomputer

  Musik-Jingle für Radio Offener Kanal Umland

Buch "Entwirrungen" 5. Auflage !



Musik für Videofilm "Die Nasa Akte"
78 Min.


Buch "Zusammenhänge"


  Musik für die Freilichtbühne Lilienthal "Faust"

Buch "Ursprünge"



CD "Die wunderbare Welt des Jo Conrad"



CD "Wendungen;


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